5 realities of economic development incentives, and how to improve their impact

States and localities spend over $80B per year on economic development incentives, but how effective are they at increasing jobs, capital investment, and quality of life in their communities? Find out how to improve the use of this economic development tactic and get practical tips on how to enhance the impact and limit the waste.

Assessing talent: Focus on what matters to your location search

Talent is often the most important factor in any company’s location decision or economic development discussion, but Businesses, Economic Developers, and Policymakers often measure it differently. Learn the questions you should be asking to truly understand a community’s current and future talent prospects.

What Virginia’s winning Amazon HQ2 bid teaches us about approaching a location search

Businesses, Site Selection Consultants, and Economic Developers can take vital lessons from Amazon’s process to choose its second headquarters. In this article, Founder and CEO, Sean Brazier, offers insights he gained as the lead author of Virginia’s winning bid for Amazon’s HQ2 and outlines the three impactful takeaways every business, Site Selection Consultant, and Economic Developer should know.