We combine world-class consulting and in-the-field practitioner experience to assist clients in translating data and analytics into insights and action.

A message from our founder

Over the last 15 years, I have helped businesses and communities grow and make significant investments in their futures. Two experiences have been consistent. One, access to robust data and sound analytics is typically limited to the largest companies and communities. And two, this data and analytics are spread across so disparate portals, consultants, and staff members. As a result, leaders spend more time collecting and analyzing data rather than making decisions.

When this happens, everyone suffers. Companies make risker decisions about where to locate. Communities make poorer decisions about which businesses to support and attract. And residents lose out on not just future tax revenues but also great paying jobs.

It does not need to be this way.

Our Located platform removes the heavy data collection from location searches, giving all stakeholders – businesses, communities, and ultimately residents – more time to focus on what matters most: taking the first steps towards building a long-lasting relationship that will foster mutual growth.

I’m looking forward to seeing the amazing partnerships that flourish thanks to our technology.

Sean Brazier, PhD

Founder & CEO

Sean leverages his analytical and strategic skills and experiences to help clients across sectors grow. After leading the development of the 900-page semi-finalist RFI response for Virginia’ winning Amazon’s HQ2 project in 2018, Sean was inspired to find a way for companies and communities of all sizes to have access to the same analytics and insights (and more) as Amazon. EDai is the manifestation of this vision, integrating his experiences as a consultant at McKinsey & Company, lead strategist at the Virginia Economic Development Partnership, economic development scholar, and nonprofit leader who has helped scale two organizations focused on building strong, equitable talent pipelines (K12 and adult workforce development).

PhD, Virginia Commonwealth University; MBA, Harvard Business School; MSc, London School of Economics; BA, Morehouse College

Taylor Croley


Taylor helps companies expand their awareness, accelerate lead generation, and increase their bottom lines. She has 10 years of B2B marketing experience across various industries where she has successfully led marketing strategy, content development, and digital marketing campaigns. She is currently a Marketing Communications Project Manager at Alfa Laval, a global manufacturer of chemical processing equipment.

BBA, The George Washington University – School of Business

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