Data and Analysis –
All in one Place.

Whether you’re highlighting your community’s talent pipelines, incentives, real estate availability, you can access all of this data and more from one platform. Now you can make more compelling pitches, more quickly, as you help your community win more projects.

Competitive insights for every RFP

Better position your community by scoping out the competition, playing to your strengths and proactively mitigating weaknesses.

Months of research completed in a few hours

Save time and money with tools designed to easily surface your project’s most relevant insights.

Identify areas for long-term investments

Provide your partners with enhanced value, not only today but for years to come, by investing in the right areas.

Located Platform

Where data powers development

LocatED uses 5 easy inputs to provide a comprehensive report of all your location options across the United States. LocatED puts everything you need to make an informed location decision right at your fingertips.

New or expansion projects


Promised Jobs

Average Wages

Capital Investment

Project location context

See where similar projects have located and compate your project against past announcements

Location competitiveness

Score each location based on the factors that matter to you

Inventives profitability

Estimate eligibility and profit impact for nearly 300 incentives programs across the lower 48 states

Net fiscal impact

Estimate expected state and local tax revenues relative to the additional demaind for public services

Economic impact

Estimate the full impact (direct, indirect, and induce effets) of your project

Project location context

Get real-time access to each state’s portfolio of available sites, buildings, and office space

Labor pool

Assess real-time job openings to understand labor supply-demand dynamics of the market

Talent pipeline

Peer into the future workforce using granular higher education completions data


Compare availability of and access to capital across locations


Access key metrics of a location’s entrepreneurial environment instantly

Policy environment

Compare each state’s business climate across multiple metrics



Ready-to-share reports

Complete data sets

Unique analytics

User-friendly design

Automated workflows

Consolidated results

Why AI for your economic development decisions?

Our AI-powered tech isn’t about replacing humans, but rather, giving humans time to focus on what they do best: strategizing, communicating, and building prosperous relationships.

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