Incentives Profitability

Get an instant overview of the incentives you qualify for – and their expected benefits

Part of the robust Located platform the Incentives Profitability Model answers the million-dollar question for a location search. Which incentives are available for a given project? What are the expected benefits of those incentives? Now the answers are right at your fingertips. 

See which incentives you qualify for

You don’t have time to read through each state’s dense catalog of incentives to still not know whether your project is eligible.

Don’t worry. We did the math for you for over 270 incentives programs across the Lower 48 states.

Your benefits:

U.S. Incentives Profitability Map

Click on a state to see the incentives included in our model.

Estimate how much to expect in incentives awards

Once you’ve determined your project’s eligibility for a program, you’re just getting started. You now will need to estimate the likely incentives award based on the arcane statutory language.

Don’t worry. We did that for you.

Your Benefits:

Estimate each incentive's impact on profits

You know which incentives you’re eligible for and how much each incentive program may pay out. But, how will each state’s offer affect your project’s bottom line?

Do you have the time to build a state-by-state financial model? Don’t worry. We built the models for you.

Your benefits:

See it in action

Have confidence

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Get your report


Standard report

Incentive program details

  • Program descriptions
  • Program types/categories
  • Program level of discretion
  • Carryforward provisions
  • Project specific details

    • Project eligibility by program
    • Project state and local tax burden estimates
    • Project incentives by profitability estimate
    • Including carryforward provisions

    Additional customizations

  • Custom project sales assumptions
  • Wage assumptions adjusted by state
  • Custom capital expenditure details
  • County selections for each state
  • Custom state sales apportionments