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LocatED is the first stop for businesses, site selection consultants, and economic developers seeking to conduct a fast and efficient location search.

The automated portal condenses the time and resource intensive search process down to the few clicks of a button. So leaders – no matter where they sit at the negotiating table – can spend less time analyzing data and more time making decisions.

Powerful insights for leaders


Site selection consultants

Economic developers

Data and analysis — all in one place

Whether you’re evaluating talent and incentives for specific cities and metros or looking for a specific piece of real estate, all of this data and more is now right at your fingertips. Best yet, you can search and filter based on the factors that are most important to your business or community.

LocatED helps you make fast and informed decisions along two dimensions:

Project economics  – How will the location decision impact your bottom line?

Location attractiveness – Can the community support your business?

Project Economics

Identify the most profitable locations

Metrics included in your report:

Project Location Context

See where similar projects have located and compare your project against past announcements

Location Competitiveness

Score each location based on the factors that matter to you

Incentives Profitability

Estimate eligibility and profit impact for 270+ incentives programs across the lower 48 states

AI Incentives Prediction

Predict your project's likely incentives award based on 35,000 past projects.

Net Fiscal

Estimate the likely tax revenue impact of a project at the beginning of the negotiations


Estimate the full economic impact of any project at the beginning of the negotiations

Location Attractiveness

Identify the most attractive communities

Metrics included in your report:

Real Estate

Get real-time access to each state's portfolio of available sites, buildings, and office space


Compare locations based on how well businesses can access needed growth capital.


Identify where communities excel in the process of turning great ideas into thriving firms

Labor Pool: Supply & Demand

Assess real-time job openings to understand labor supply-demand dynamics by market

Labor Pool:
Skills Mix

See which regions’ workforce offers the most appealing mix of STEM and Soft skills

Talent Pipeline: Higher Education

Peer into the future talent pipeline, exploring program completion data for thousands of higher ed institutions across the country


Compare states on policies that matter the most – tax and public investment stability, not just rates

Quality of Life

Find the communities that you and your employees will be excited to call home

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